Resignation Or Submission

The daughter of some friends is having her first baby. The doctors are concerned that the child will not make it to term because the heart is not developing as it should. If he should be born, the prognosis is grim.

As I prayed for the family this morning I got to thinking about the difference between resignation and submission. Resignation is quitting, giving up a position, accepting defeat because there is no other choice. On the other hand, submission is yielding to, accepting the will of a superior authority. One is defeatist, the other is not.

I often hear "resignation" in conversation. People are "resigned" to that which they feel helpless to change. Those who believe in an almighty and compassionate God, One who acts for His glory and for our benefit, need an attitude of submission rather than one of resignation.

The former is alive with faith, the latter empty of it. The former is depressing, the latter is liberating.

As I pray for a miracle, I pray not only for a child, but I pray for that miracle of faith that will demonstrate itself in an act of submission to the One who loves that child more than anyone else could.


  1. Yes, I am learning that all God asks us to do, basically, is to submit to His will. Think of all the synomyms: yield, trust, obey, submit, wait, follow, come, believe, etc. From salvation to glory, our whole life would be much happier and easier if we just trust Him.
    Thank you for this, Lynda.


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