Imperfectly Patient

I'm a do-er, not a wait-er. I want things done yesterday. I want answers right now. Patience defies me, which is why God continually tests me in that area. I hope his efforts to make me a patient person aren't a lost cause. Intellectually, I know that they won't be, but every day I give thanks that He is perfectly patient with me, even when I am not perfectly patient with Him. Just when I think I might be making progress, I slip and fall again.

So this morning's reminder was an appropriate one. "'Not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit,' says the Lord Almighty." —Zechariah 4:6. It's not that "might" and "power" aren't good things—after all we have to make an effort. It's that, in the end, we have to understand that God is the One who puts all the pieces together according to a perfect timetable. It is the Lord who works according to a perfect schedule. It is the Almighty who makes everything happen as it should, when it should.

I hate to pray, "Give me patience, Lord" because I know another test will follow hard on the heels of that request. However, sin lies at the door of that lesson unlearned. So, please, Lord, give me patience.


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