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Religous Freedom in Canada

The President of the Fellowship of Evangelical Baptist Churches in Canada, Steve Jones, sent this email out earlier this week. I am posting it in its entirety as both warning and example. We have lost so much, and there is more that we are in danger of losing. But let's not lose by default. Stand up!
Dear pastors, missionaries, chaplains and friends,
Steve here… Last week, I noted that 63% of our Federal MPs are newly elected, with 84% of Liberal MPs brand new. It has been over 20 years since so many rookies were sitting in the legislature.
One could be a bit nervous with so many new and inexperienced politicians at the helm. Or wecould look at this as an opportune time to pray and seek to influence these many fresh-faced MPs. Our new Prime Minister has promised a more open and transparent Parliament with many more “free” votes. Meaning, our MPs get to vote their conscience, not their Party’s official stand on current significant issues such as assisted suicide/euthanasia, …