Show Me the Door

They aren't accustomed to going outside. However, it was such a beautiful day, all was quiet in the neighbourhood and they'd had a few brief forays to get a feel for the territory. It was time to face a brave, new world.

Abby and Lou Lou Belle went outside into the backyard this afternoon.

Abby's not quite as bold as Lou, but she did the rounds of the yard, racing for the patio door when startled by an unusual sound. I thought that she might get confused and too frightened to know the way to safety, but she was unerringly accurate.

Good spiritual lesson there. It's too bad I'm not always as smart as the cat!

This sweet hymn by Gloria Roe (1938-      ) expresses the lesson well:

Be calm my soul, faint not with care
Though burdens deep our hearts would tear;
He is the Lord, all He commands,
He holdeth me safe in His hands.

Be calm my soul, melt not with fear,
Though shadows dark press in so near,
Yet in despair I see His light;
Lead me, O Lord, with wond'rous sight.

Be calm my soul, rest in Him sure
No wave of doubt His words endure;
My longing soul is satisfied, 
He now leads forth, my Strength and Guide.

In the hustle and bustle of life, in those moments of panic, in those times when the tasks are bigger than the resources to deal with them, remind me, Lord, in whose direction to go to find the door.


  1. Love seeing Abby and Lou Lou Belle! They are so adorable!
    Great analogy, and what a lovely old hymn. I enjoy contemporary Christian music, but some of the old hymns have such deep messages. Thanks for the blessing!

  2. Love your new look, by the way, Lynda.

    What a FABULOUS reminder. He will NEVER lead us astray if we look for Him when we should.


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