Froggie's Voice

A little frog in a huge pond surrounded by multitudes of bigger and louder frogs doesn't seem to stand a chance of having his wee croak heard above the clamor.

So why bother to croak at all?

Can a frog not croak even when it seems no one can hear him?

Perhaps on the fringes of the pond, far away from our little frog, his voice will not be heard. Then again, there are those other frogs close by who will surely hear our froggie's voice. Perhaps they will listen and believe his words. Perhaps their croaks will change in pitch, delivering a different sound to the frogs that sit in crowded solitude around them. In turn those others might believe  and pass the word until at last, the sound of one little frog's voice reaches the outer fringes of the big pond.

So I ask the question again: Why bother to croak at all?

If the frog is focused on reaching the fringes with his tiny voice, he might become discouraged and not croak at all, his ardor dampened by the impossibilities. But if he remembers that the frog next to him is apt to hear and perhaps even listen, he is encouraged to croak for all he's worth.

Proverbs 14:34, NIV says: "Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a disgrace to any people." My nation is not a righteous one but I am only one person, whose voice doesn't carry to the ears of those who occupy the halls of justice or who exercise authority over me.

So why "croak"?

Those far away might not hear my voice when it speaks of righteousness and the need for my nation to seek God. But perhaps those near to me, those in my own community, will hear and listen, and spread the word until it reaches the places of power.

One little croak could make a big difference.

Croak on, my brothers, croak on.


  1. Thank you, you have inspired me with a message I needed today! ~Rita


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