One of those "God-things"

Psalms 88-90

Those who happened to see my post on FACEBOOK this afternoon know that I lost some very valuable material. While deleting some documents that I no longer needed I accidentally deleted my revised studies on angels that I have been teaching on Wednesday evenings. I searched everywhere for a way to get the folder back—to no avail. It turned out that my automatic backup program doesn't backup the documents stored on the desktop. So I set to work on retrieving last week's study from my email folder and began to put together this week's study from scratch. It wasn't exactly how I planned to spend my day and I'll have some other extra busy days to redo the three other sessions that I THOUGHT I had finished.

As I worked my way through rebuilding the study I realized that this one was going to be better than the one I lost. It's what we would call in Venezuela, a "Dioscidencia" a "God-thing."

Having to redo the lesson brought to mind a couple of incidents that have happened in our class time over the last couple of weeks. I'm getting some push-back from one of the gals in the class. It has gone beyond the normal questions and comments. I would let it pass except that other members of the class are being disturbed and distracted by her attitude. I'm not sure what might be behind the aggressiveness, and have been asking the Lord today for wisdom in knowing how to deal with the situation.

It crossed my mind that it might help just to avoid the "buttons" that seem to set her off. That might have worked except that as I was redoing the lesson, last week's touchy subject flowed naturally and insistently into the material—with some new thoughts that hadn't been obvious when I prepared the now lost lesson.

Another "God-thing?"

I'm still asking God for wisdom and graciousness as I deliver this coming session. The very last verse of my reading for today seems particularly relevant to the situation. Psalm 90 is a psalm of Moses and he ends the psalm this way: "May the favor of the Lord our God rest upon me; establish the work of our hands for us—yes, establish the work of our hands" —Psalm 90:17 NIV.

I pray for his favour on me as I teach the lesson, and for his favour to flow through me to this woman. I loved the second phrase as Moses asks God to establish the work FOR him, in other words to make the work of Moses' hands to be God's work. I pray that as well—that this work will not be mine, but his. Then whatever happens will bring him glory and that's what counts.


  1. " I pray that as well—that this work will not be mine, but his."
    Yes, that is also the prayer of my heart. I have been praying for you this afternoon. God bless you my friend! Hugs, Rita


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