A Book Not Yet Reviewed

She just needed me to sit down so that she could share her latest literary discoveries. The book: Experiencing Leadershift by Don Cousins.

It took a while—an hour or more as she read to me all the passages she had underlined in the first half of the book. Something tells me she will read me all the underlined passages in the second half when she gets done.

I can't review the book because I haven't read it—yet. However if it means anything, what I heard makes me want to rush out and buy a copy.

Cousins' book is all about the heresies of leadership revealed.

But what excites me even more than a new book is her excitement. If she were a racehorse, she'd be out of the gate and well on her way to the finish line and well ahead of the rest of the pack.

Somewhere in the middle of the "reading" she asked me if she should buy copies for the pastor and all the elders. Then she asked what "gift" she possessed that would drive her to pass on all this information to the leadership of our church. I wasn't sure how to answer the last one, but the answer to the first question was a definite "yes!"

It's a good book, and I'll let you know how good as soon as I read it for myself.


  1. Looking forward to hearing more! Sounds like you are being a great mentor! Rita


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