Prepared for Everything

Life is spiritually dangerous which prompts Paul to write: "Put on the full armor of God…Stand firm then, with the belt of truth buckled around your waist, with the breastplate of righteousness in place…Take the helmet of salvation…" Ephesians 6:10-18

Thus armed we launch ourselves into the current. It it there we discovered that there is another river that flows around us. Consider the hymn and think about the picture.

Like a river glorious is God's perfect peace,
Over all victorious in its bright increase;
Perfect, yet it floweth fuller every day;
Perfect, yet it groweth deeper all the way.

Stayed upon Jehovah,
Hearts are fully blest—
Finding as he promised,
Perfect peace and rest.

Hidden in the hollow of his blessed hand,
Never foe can follow, never traitor stand;
Not a surge of worry, not a shade of care,
Not a blast of hurry— Touch the Spirit there.


Every joy or trial falleth from above,
Traced upon our dial by the Sun of love;
We may trust him fully all for us to do;
They who trust him wholly find him wholly true.


Frances R Havergal

Doubt, fear, worry, pain, temptation, difficulty and a host of other enemies dog our steps threatening to overwhelm our defenses. The little boy rafting down the Grand River near Elora, Ontario doesn't looked concerned, does he? Protected by all the right equipment and surrounded by the flow of a still, peaceful river, he is secure.

And so are we, "stayed upon Jehovah."


  1. OH yes - so easy to forget the "right equipment" that comes straight from the Father. Blessed me this morning.

  2. It's only when you try to go against God's "current" that life gets difficult.

  3. Love the song your meditation is based on, and all the river imagery in the Bible. We can learn much from rivers!

  4. The boy looks pretty settled in to me - which is how I want to stay, settled back in the care of my heavenly Father!


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