In case anyone was wondering why the direction of most of my previous posts over the past weeks has focused on change, trust, and other similar issues, here's the scoop.

I've been in Caracas, Venezuela for fifteen years. Prior to that, I served with the same mission on home staff and in Colombia. In total, a sum of thirty years with Fellowship International Ministries.

The time has come to move on. It hasn't been a decision made overnight. In fact, over the last few years the need for change in direction has become more and more obvious. The Lord and I have had lots of discussions about the subject. He always remains calm. I, on the other hand, haven't always been so relaxed through the process.

But here I am, within two weeks of leaving Caracas. I will still be working part-time with the mission, seconded to the Communications Department and am currently pursuing possibilities as a member of a church staff.

Sixty isn't exactly the age to begin a new career, or even the refurbishing of an old one, but here I am. I follow the lead of men like Abraham and Caleb. Sixty is still young compared to what they took on at much later stages in their lives.

Right now I am surrounded by things I am trying to "unload"—my junk, I hope, will be treasure to someone else. The shipping company has yet to be confirmed and reluctantly, I have to find a home for Abby and Lou Lou Belle. There are people to visit. Isn't it strange that when you are about leave a place all of a sudden those who never invited you to their homes before, need to have you over to say good-bye. I sound callous, but it's only because I hate goodbyes. I'd rather just slip away into the night. But closure is important.

There have been moments of despair through this process especially over these last few weeks. But the Lord reassures me every day of his presence, his provision and his protection. This assurance has come through many means: emails, comments on posts, devotions, unexpected offers of help from others, answers to prayer and answers that I hadn't even prayed about.

I've had to surrender "things" but with the assurance that my life verse continues to be true: "Seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well" —Matthew 6:33.

As this new chapter in my life dawns I rest also on the assurance of verses like Jeremiah 29:11: "'I know the plans I have for you,' declares the Lord, 'plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.'"

Any course correction comes with its share of stress. It's easy to get lost in the moment and forget the anticipation and joy that another step of obedience will certainly bring.

I emailed a friend yesterday and asked him if he remembered the old hymn "Standing On The Promises." I told him that I had decided to rename the song to reflect a current reality. I'm calling it: "Clinging To The Promises." Sometimes I'm hanging on with only one finger. But even if I should let go momentarily, it is with the knowledge that the great hand of God is underneath waiting to catch me. I won't fall far.

Stay tuned. There is more of the saga to come.


  1. Wow - big news! Congratulations on making it through what must have been a very difficult decision process. I'll keep you in my prayers. -Krista

  2. Praying you through every single step of the way, my friend. Wow. God is certainly with you - and because of that, I will not worry. Praying you can do the same!

  3. Praying, Lynda. I like your attitude. May everything come together to let you see the people you need to see, find homes for those felines, and get everything done that needs doing -- and leave undone those things that can slide.

  4. Oh my! Will pray for you during this stressful time. But it will all work out. Keep clinging.


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