Week One in Timmins

So, I ask myself (knowing very well what the answer is), what happened to the blog that is supposed to happen from Monday to Friday in this particular spot on the cyberspace map?

I was sick. Honest, I was, and I still am. I came to Timmins on the train last Friday. I was coughing then, something I'm sure my fellow passengers on that ten hour trip were less than appreciative of. But my head was still as clear as it can ever get. Things went downhill after that and it has been a miserable week of coughing and blowing. How does the body produce that much mucus? So for the rest of this week, instead of bugging my fellow passengers I've spent my time bugging and contaminating everyone else with whom I've had contact.

But I should still be able to blog and cough at the same time, right? Well, somehow getting out of bed at six in the morning to blog when you're sick isn't too compelling. So I didn't, figuring more sleep was more useful to me than my blogging might be to the rest of you.

That means that you get a synopsis now.

Saturday: The weather is beautiful, sun shining, the last remaining rebellious piles of snow disappearing fast. We head out to shop. I look but I cant get my head around shopping to stay. I always come to Timmins when I'm on Home Assignment but I always go away and I cant get me head around actually staying yet.

Sunday: Another gorgeous day. Since it's March Break attendance is down at church but there is still a good crowd. I try not to cough on anyone, but look around with new eyes. These are the people I will work with, ministry to, try to encourage in their faith and practice. Some I know well, others a little, and still others are total strangers. Fleeting moments of doubt fly through my brain. There might be a pretty steep learning curve involved here. Northern Ontario is a whole lot different that Southern Ontario and hugely different than Caracas, Venezuela. Though I might boost that I grew up here, I've been away a long time.

Monday: I finally got in to see it on my first Monday here. Selena and I took some measurements—or Selena did—and then we went off to shop for furniture. I asked to have the apartment painted and the carpet cleaned, thinking that was what landlords HAD to do between tenants. I have since discovered that this not an obligation on their part, according to The Ontario Landlord and Tenant Act. Oh well… My head was more full of mucus rather than clever ideas so I hope my decisions were smart ones because we finished the day with all the basic furniture signed for.

Tuesday: Off to work for the first time. Setting up a workable work space was the first step. That meant more shopping but this time for things needs in my very nice office space.

Wednesday: A meeting with the pastor to go over some of the information I need to know to accomplish the job. Still working on the office space, but able to get some time to start on the Bible study elective that I will start in April.

Had to start the process for a police check this morning, then off to the office to do some more work on the study and learn about "Bedlam Thursday." This is the day at the office where everyone who does anything comes in to work. It wasn't so bad—at least there wasn't any need to call out the water canon and riot gear (what bedlam in Caracas might require).

Friday: Here we are again. This is my "mission" day, the day I work for my other boss. The privilege of working at home today allowed me to do a couple of loads of laundry and actually hang clothes outside in the fresh northern air—lovely thought.

The cold is much better, the cough is very productive and my head is clear. I haven't got any decisions to make at the moment. I made all the urgent ones "under the influence." Scary thought, that.

But that's Week One. Next time I'll try for pictures and maybe, just maybe, a little more constancy. We can only hope. One thing for sure, God is good all the time.


  1. Thanks for the update Lynda. You did quite a lot for being under the weather. I suppose this is because, given the circumstances, you "had" to.

  2. Hope you are all better now! Not a fun thing but you got through it and the things seem to be coming together for your new work. Blessings on you and your ministry! Also, I enjoyed the style of the day-by-day account.


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