Keep Your Germs To Yourself

Leviticus 11-13

Disease ravages the world in spite of all our medical advances, technology and the availability of pills, syrups, patches, and therapies of every kind and description.

The common cold, the flu, even the old standards like measles and chicken pox, pop up often. I sneeze into my sleeve—most of the time. But how many doorknobs, taps, and other things have I, or someone else, already contaminated during those times when we forgot to do the right thing?

Someone should read Leviticus and follow the instructions:

1. Keep your germs isolated and to yourself.

2. Go and see an expert for things that might be dangerous to others.

Funny, the advice is several thousand years old and we still don’t get the point. God had his way of keeping Israel from being devastated by communicable diseases—without benefit of pills, syrups, advanced science, and universal health care.

Mind you, unlike the Old Testament priests, I’m not sure my pastor would know HINI from the mumps. (*sigh!*)


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