Together and at Peace

Today is Word-Filled Wednesday, hosted by Susan at Forever His. Check things out for yourselves.

Abby and Lou Lou Bell very seldom touch. They get along very well—but usually with space in between them. It seems like the spirit of Christmas has invaded their little kitty hearts.

So I send you all this greeting: "Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace to men [and animals] on whom his favor rests" —Luke 2:14 NIV.

Have a wonderful Christmas.


  1. The Lord is with you, Lynda, now as ever! What a beautiful photo! Have a blessed Christmas.

  2. A Christmas miracle, eh? ;) Lovely. Merry Christmas, my friend - and happy WFW.

  3. Oh how special!!! They are beautiful, and fat!!!

    So blessed you could join us today at WFW.

    "Merry Christmas!"


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