A Christmas Tale

A missionary was working with children in a poverty-stricken town. As she shared the story of Christ's birth, each child was given materials to make a small nativity scene. The shepherds, wise men, Mary, Joseph, animals, and Baby Jesus were all to be cut out of cardboard and put into a creche.

As the missionary looked over the children's work, she noticed that one boy had placed two babies in the manger. "What's this?" she asked him.

"Well," he said, "one baby is Jesus, and the other one is me." He looked up at his teacher. "The wise men gave the baby presents—but I don't have anything to give Him. So I thought I'd lie beside Him and keep Him warm."

What gift will you give?

Your love…

Your warmth…

Your self?

Those are the best gifts—the gifts the Christ Child treasures most of all.

From: Wise Men Still Seek Him Today by Ellyn Sanna.

Have a wonderful Christmas. May your gift to Him warm His heart.


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