Today we don't think much about horsepower—as in the actual power of a horse!  But in Biblical times what the mighty steed was capable of was pretty awe-inspiring. Fans of Ben Hur will remember Charlton Heston's great chariot race.

These days we measure horsepower by what is under the hood. But even then, the fastest automobile is humbled compared to the power generated to launch missiles or space shuttles.

But we get the message when the psalmist writes: "His [God's] pleasure is not in the strength of the horse..." (Psalm 147:10). One horse power, or many, as beautiful as those may be, do not reach His highest standard. What's under the hood doesn't impress Him. Rocket fuel can't hold a candle to the sun. None of it holds up all the time, under every circumstance.

And I chuckle at the next part of the verse: "...nor his delight in the legs of a man." I was out this morning for a lovely walk through my new neighbourhood. I am grateful God has enabled me to walk, but I am sure no one would be impressed by my speed or endurance! But even the most gifted athlete can't go forever.

So if whatever passes for "horsepower" and leg power doesn't impress the Almighty, what does? The psalmist answers the question in verse 11: "The Lord delights in those who fear him, who put their hope in his unfailing love."

We trust our "horsepower" and we trust ourselves, but whatever ingenuity and strength, whatever ambition and talent, whatever technology and "clout" we come up with, always has its limits. Our "hope" as the psalmist puts it, doesn't rest in any created thing, but in the Creator Himself. He never fails. Our understanding of Who He is, that awe that even our limited knowledge inspires, drives us toward an ever-increasing trust in Him and an ever-decreasing reliance on ourselves.

And He is pleased when we finally "get it."


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