It's All About the Details

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When we get to a section of the Scripture like the parts we have here in Exodus, many of us get bogged down.

Who cares about all the details of building a Tabernacle?

Apparently God does.

Okay, so God cares about the details, but why do I need to know that He ordered Moses to: “Make fifty loops on one curtain and fifty loops on the end curtain of the other set, with the loops opposite each other” (Exodus 26:5)?

It’s a sparrow thing (Matthew 10:29). It’s a hair thing (Matthew 10:30). It’s a tears-in-the-bottle thing (Psalm 56:8). It’s why we have Spring (eventually) and a full moon on schedule. It’s why the birds comes back from the south in the Spring and head back in the Fall. It’s why each snowflake is a different design, and why a spider weaves such intricate webs.

God is God of details. And He reminds us that the details are important to Him. It’s not that He’s being a nit-picker, or fussy. It’s that He wants us to know that no detail, however small, escapes His notice. So when I chip a tooth, or the cat coughs up a hairball on the carpet, He takes note. More importantly, when a baby is sick, or a cell quietly goes about the business of starting a stampede of evil in a body, or loneliness squeezes a heart, He knows and He cares.

The God who cares that the loops on the curtains in the Tabernacle line up will surely care about the contents of every minute of my day today—those already passed and those about to come. And because of that I can be encouraged.


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