Don't Walk Away From the Possibilities

HE can do it in you!
"With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible" (Matthew 19:26, NIV).

In the context, the Lord is addressing the issue of relationship with God, of salvation, of forgiveness, of eternity. None of these things can be paid for, earned, or deserved, by any one of us. They are the gift of God as we deposit our faith in the work of Jesus Christ on our behalf.

But this famous quote covers everything else too.

What's your dilemma today?

What are your adverse circumstances?

What's the source of your pain?

What's your greatest concern?

What feelings are out of control?

What habits need to be broken?

What sins have to be acknowledged and dealt with?

What relationships aren't working?

What financial straits haunt your waking hours?

What unfulfilled dreams do you have?

What burning question remains unanswered?

Other: ___________________________

You fill it in, and then look back at the verse from Matthew. Whatever the question, Christ not only has the answer but He also has the power to make anything possible that will bring Him glory and work for our good.

The young man in the story didn't trust Jesus and walked away from the God who makes anything possible. Bad mistake. Let's not repeat it.


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