Going Under For the Last Time

Reading: Luke 8, 9

You’re going down for the last time. The water is up to your chin and each wave fills your mouth and nose with water. You raise your hand, desperate for someone to see your plight and come to your rescue. From the distant shore comes the triumphant voice of the old revivalist preacher, “I see that hand!”

But you’re still going down, overwhelmed by wave after wave of life events. And it doesn’t seem like anyone is going to help. You are going to drown.

Enter Jesus. He’s been there all the time, but you’ve been so busy struggling to save yourself that you didn’t notice His hand reaching out to grab yours.

Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia

And you answer His question with tears generated by both shame and expectation: “Yes, Lord, where was my faith?”


  1. Our human nature claws and fights to do it on our own - when what we really need is total surrender! Thanks for this reminder, Lynda!

  2. Great post! Thanks for reminding us God is never late, and will not, will not, let us drown. He may let us get to the end of ourselves, but once we do, He reaches down and plucks us on what is solid--Himself. Thanks, Lynda!


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