Did You Stop to Eat Today?

In those days Israel had no king; everyone did as he saw fit” —Judges 21:25, NIV.

In those early days of Israel as a nation, the people looked to their leaders for instructions on how to live. The commands that God had given, the regulations for a safe and orderly society were in the hands of the priests and kings. As they went so went the nation. Over time the people would come to know what the rules were, but as so often happens, if we don’t review the instructions as originally handed down to us, we tend to colour them whatever shade best suits us and mold them into a shape that fits our wishes. Israel’s history is checkered with good kings and bad kings. The nation inevitably followed their lead.

Today we can’t make the excuses that Israel might have made–though her sins were not totally the fault of her leaders. We can’t lay the blame anywhere else but on our own shoulders. We have the written record of what God requires. Whether we read it is not up to anyone else but ourselves. Whether we practice it doesn’t depend on anyone else but ourselves. While we expect our spiritual leaders to set the example and teach us from God’s Word, their input into our lives is not meant to be the primary source of the “fruit and fiber,” the milk and meat, that nourishes our lives.

Our daily bread is home baked, fresh daily, kneaded into the shape that meets our nutritional requirements by the hand of a loving Master Baker, as we wait on him.


  1. You are so right we have no one to blame but ourselves..thank you for sharing this I loved how you talked about the Israel and brought it back to us.


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