A Voice in the Silence

The other day I asked the Lord for a word of encouragement. At lunchtime today he delivered.

A friend was telling about an incident that happened out at her campsite. She, her sister, and her sister's husband were part of a course on Angels I taught in the spring. The hubby was the only man in the study group and I really felt sorry for him and was actually surprised that he hung in right to the end. He never said a word all through the weeks we met together for the study. That wasn't a surprise since he's a quiet soul even among his own family. So everyone was astonished when another sister, visiting the camp that afternoon, asked a question related to angels and he proceeded, not only answer to her question, but to tell her a whole raft of other things that he had learned from the course.

My friend commented that if she or her sister had answered the question, or interrupted with their own contribution, it would have resulted in a "ho-hum" from the third sister and a change of subject. But because this quiet man suddenly and unexpectedly was moved to share at length, everyone paid close attention, even to asking more questions.

Sometimes you just never know the impact of your words or how far those words will reach beyond your own limited possibilities. Sometimes, "still waters run deep" and we never know how deep until the circumstances are perfect for that depth to be revealed. It's really special to see the impact that God's Word has in the most unexpected places.

Above all I'm grateful the Lord humours my little requests for words of encouragement. Today they made my day.


  1. What a gift from the Father! Thanks for sharing, hun.

  2. God is amazing! Encouragement from our Father, it just doesn't get any better!


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