So, What Did I Forget?

In the space of 48 hours, life has taken an about-face. This afternoon, I board a plane for Toronto. This wasn't on my agenda two days ago.

Normally I have months to plan a Home Assignment, even a short one. Not this time. There is so much to do in a short time, especially since a family of four is moving in to look after the apartment and, more importantly, Abby and Lou Lou Belle, in my absence.

Bills paid, bedding and towels washed, instructions written, cupboards kid-proofed, people advised, house cleaned and oh, bag packed, documents stowed in the appropriate place for presentation at the appropriate moment.

What did I forget to do?

My mind is going in so many different directions. This morning I tried to pray, but it was so hard to focus with my thoughts doing somersaults, and my internal list of external chores growing by the minute.

Letter of introduction so the guards at the gate will allow my house-and-cat-sitters in, clean the fridge, make sure the litter box, the food dish, and the water bowl are full just in case said sitters don't get here before Thursday, leave the extra set of house keys. See what I mean? I can't escape.

The truth is, my house-sitters will figure it all out even without my instructions. They are, after all, university graduates.

But they can't do what only I can do for myself. I need to go back to where I started this morning and find that focus, lay my to-do list at the Lord's feet, garner his wisdom and strength to finish what is really important to do before the plane leaves this afternoon.

In the hurry and scurry, I need to "be still" in him (Psalm 46:10).

By the way, if my post is late or non-existent tomorrow, it's only because I'm on a plane, or in an airport, or somewhere other than where I am right at this moment. I'll be back.


  1. Praying for ya, sweetie! God is in control - and have FUN home!


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